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About Us

Who We Are - Where We Came From

Since 1999, Lightning Enterprises LLC has been developing and delivering products and equipment designed for hearing aid repair, maintenance, and manufacturing. Some of these products are Ultraviolet Curing devices and supplies, which are also used in many other industries. So in 2012, Fusonet LLC was formed to supply companies outside of the hearing aid industry with quality UV curing equipment, and became a division of Lightning Enterprises LLC.

In the fall of 2021 Lightning Enterprises LLC acquired the Viola Precision Tweezers business from Intrade, Inc. After decades of providing quality tweezers to many industries the owner wanted to retire and the addition was a great fit, so Viola Precision Tweezers became a division of Lightning Enterprises LLC. This resulted in Lightning Enterprises, LLC being the sole importer of Viola tweezers to the US, and owning the Romiane tweezers brand.

We are proud to carry on the tradition of delivering quality precision tweezers the Cooley Family and Intrade, Inc began so many years ago.

About Our Tweezers

Viola Precision Tweezers
Viola tweezers have a reputation for delivering quality tweezers at a reasonable price. For decades they have been produced in Italy by a family of craftsmen, handing down their knowledge of metallurgy and tweezers fabrication through the generations. They figured out a long time ago how to make a great product, and that tradition lives on strong today.

Romaine Fine Tweezers
Romaine tweezers was founded by Intrade Inc and is now our brand since the acquisition. Romaine tweezers are also fabricated in Italy by a family owned business dedicated to providing a quality product - and they do. For the money, these tweezers are a fantastic value and a great alternative when cost is important. They are made with the same quality material and the same workmanship as the Viola brand, and with similar precision. The main difference is the finish isn't quite as refined and they don't print a logo on the tweezers. We could have them put a little more brush to the finish and add a logo, but that would increase the cost and we feel it is more important to offer the Romaine tweezers as a less expensive alternative when precision is needed, but cost is a factor.

About Our Prices

If we truly offer quality and precision tweezers why are our prices so reasonable?

We work with small family owned businesses who have been dedicated to manufacturing quality tweezers for generations. Because they are small, and because they have been doing this for so long, their manufacturing process is extremely efficient and their overhead is very little. Plus, where they are located in Italy the cost of living, labor and materials are less. Add all this up and they don't need to charge a lot for a great quality product.

We are also a small business. We don't have a sales team to pay or a large facility to operate. This low overhead keeps our costs down and keeps our prices low, resulting in providing a quality product at a great value for our customers.

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