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Lightning SpotCure UV LED Lens Chart

Lightning SpotCure Lens Chart

Lightning SpotCure UV LED cure unit uses a unique lens technology which can supply a wide range of optical power ranges and cure areas. The tighter the focal point, the more narrow the cure area and the more powerful the optical output

The Lens Chart below outlines what you can expect for optical power and cure area at varying working distances using each lens

Specifications and Part#s for Lightning SpotCure Lenses:

Lens Part#
365nm Emitter
Spot Size
Measured Distance
Max Optical Power
LSC-D2 2 8 18000
LSC-D3 3 10 13000
LSC-D4 4 14 8500
LSC-D6 6 17 5980
LSC-D8 *** 8 27 2340
LSC-10 10 25 1820
Lens Part#
405nm Emitter
LSC-D3 3 5 11000
LSC-D4 4 7 10000
LSC-D6 6 12 5300
LSC-D8 *** 8 19 3300
LSC-10 10 25 2100

*** LSC-D8 is the standard lens for Lightning SpotCure


Testing Conditions for Optical Power Output and Spot Size:
Optical power was measured at the distance where the desired spot size was achieved for the corresponding lens. As an example: For the D2 lens the device was moved away from the cure area and a measurement taken when a 2mm spot size (cure area) was achieved. For the D-3 lens a measurement was taken when the spot size was 3mm, and so forth.

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